Root Canal Treatment – Moorestown, NJ

Curing Toothaches & Preserving Natural Teeth

When people hear that they need a root canal, they often think that’s the worst news they can receive, when in reality, it’s not! Root canals are widely misunderstood as treatments that cause pain instead of curing it, which often makes patients nervous whenever they hear the news that they need one. Thanks to root canal treatment in Moorestown, our dental team is able to salvage natural teeth and get rid of painful toothaches that are a result of infections, helping minimize your long-term dental treatment costs while easing your discomfort.

Why Choose Land, Walker, Moosavi & Moosavi Family Dentistry for Root Canal Treatment?

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What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

Animated dental tool performing root canal treatment in Moorestown on animated tooth

Root canals typically take place in two parts. First, our dental team will treat the tooth by accessing the inner chamber and sanitizing it, ensuring that no harmful bacteria that caused the infection are left behind. We’ll then place gutta percha in the tooth to rebuild its structure, which is a putty-like material. Finally, to provide your treated tooth with additional support and protection, we’ll top it off with a customized dental crown.